About Us

Our well-thought-out Workflow enables us to deliver fine quality of projects, right on time.

One step at a time is what our workflow is all about!

We don’t fall into things without comprehending every little step carefully but follow a well-thought-out workflow to enable timely completion of superior quality projects.

1. Research

After collecting the order and the teams of designers and developers assess the requirements carefully as posed/acquainted/given/communicated by the client. We would get back to client, in case we find something missing or we require other mandatory information.

3. Development

Computer programmers write, test and implement code necessary to make certain functions happen on our computer. We know how to Code with HMTL, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and ASP, amongst others. What is great about the site is that if you search for a particular element of code it returns an example of how to use it practically. As a result you get something that you can adapt and put together to make a cohesive whole.

5. The deliverance

The big day is here, the culmination of a lot of strenuous/cautious work. But to go live properly/reap the harvest, and see the face of your business looking back at you from the infinite possibilities of the World Wide Web, there’s a little more housekeeping to finish, the final ratification from the QA team.

2. Wireframe

The designing organizes a brainstorming session to create a wireframe, where few rough prototype designs are planned. Based on the client’s requirement, the final design is finalized by the head of the design and development department.

4. Validation

This process is to validate, whether the website created is with accordance to W3C Markup standard or not. Additionally, cross platform and browser compatibility test is done to make sure that that website is running smoothly in all browsers. This stage is carried out very cautiously, any bug or error is fixed at this stage, to ensure absolute first-grade job.