Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


Worth Studios offers both Web Design and Development Solutions. The Terms and Conditions (T&C) are applicable for all who chooses obtain any kind of web or IT solutions. For one to use any of the services offered by Worth Studios, one must clearly understand and agree to the T&C of the company. The T&C is applicable for all users. The T&C explains that once agreed upon and acceptance of The Agreement, one must abide by the contract between oneself and Worth Studios. By accepting The Agreement, one also agrees to the warranties, representations and understandings forwarded through the content of the Site.


The content of the Website may be edited or deleted depending on company requirements. The conditions of The Agreements may also be revised, by posting a notice on our site. For a user to be aware of the changes, one must stay updated with the T&Cs.

Accuracy of Information

Worth Studios does not hold responsibility if at any instance the information provided on the website is not accurate or updated. The contents on the website are for general information only. A user should not use it without consulting primary. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk. At Worth Studios, we hold the right to update or modify the content of the Website at any time without obligation. User should agree that it the user's duty to monitor and stay updated with the changes.

Access to Site & License

Worth Studios offers limited license to access to all its users and visitors. You are not to make any personal use of any content of the site. Any portion of the content should also not be downloaded or modified for personal or other business use. Any kind of duplication, copying, sell of any portion of the content would be taken as exploitation and would not be accepted.

The right to access our Website does not imply the use of its content of personal profit or commercial purpose. Unauthorized use would also terminate the license granted by Worth Studios

Service Description & Pricing

Worth Studios offer a wide range of Web and IT solutions. The pricing depends on the requirement of each particular project but we have fixed some of the basic website selling plans. In order to know of the pricing for any of the services, one needs to have a word with the our project co-ordinators.

However, it should be noted that Worth Studios does not guarantee 100% accuracy and error-free. If a product offered in our website is not as described, you may call the developers for clearer understanding.

Logo & Graphics

You are not to use the Worth Studios company logo or other graphics on the Website for your personal or commercial use. Further, you must also not frame any trademark or Images Content, without any written consent from Worth Studios.

Worth Studios is not affiliated with any of the third party brands mentioned on the Website. Worth Studios is an Independent Service Provider Company. Therefore, the company is not responsible for any of the third party content in the website. The mention of the third party brands in the Website are just for referential purpose. By agreeing to the T&C, you agree that we are not responsible for the third party content available on the Website.

Therefore, if you wish to access the third party information on the website, you are to do it at your own risk.

Rights for Non-Assignment

You may not assign your rights offered by Worth Studios, to anybody. You may also not transfer it to somebody else. An attempt to assign or transfer your rights to someone else might lead to your may result in termination of The Agreement.


By agreeing to the T&C at Worth Studios, you agree not to disclose the information that you obtain from us. All information provided for you is exclusively for your use. You are not to sell it or use it for commercial use. Moreover, we keep customer information confidential.

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